Comfort is a luxury you deserve

Comfort is a luxury you deserve

Luxury homes in San José, Ibiza.

The first high quality homes designed and built in Ibiza in accordance with the high energy efficiency of the PassivHaus standard.

Delivery date July 2021

Detached single-family homes

High quality | High energy efficiency | Customisable | Maximum comfort | Health and quality of life

Detached single-family homes with low energy consumption, built following high energy efficiency criteria. A: energy efficiency rating.

Maximum comfort with minimum energy cost.

Customisation choices in finishes and installations.

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High efficiency with Passivhaus

Passivhaus buildings reduce heating and cooling requirements by 75%, providing both well-being and energy savings.

Quality statement
FOUNDATION AND STRUCTURE Reinforced concrete structure and hollow-core slabbing.
BUILDING ENCLOSURES, ROOFS AND FACADES Perforated brick enclosures or similar with an exterior insulation system (SATE system) and for the interior, air proofing finish, providing the home with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
ROOFING Non-trafficable, inverted, flat roof with heavy gravel protection and high-performance thermal insulation.
PARTITIONS Partitions and cladding of soundproofed laminated plasterboard.
FLOORING AND TILING Flooring over a layer of underfloor heating through a top quality porcelain tile and baseboard finish. Tiling and flooring in bathrooms using large-format porcelain tiles
CEILINGS In hallways, kitchen, bathrooms and in traffic flow areas, false plasterboard ceiling installations, in the rest of the dwelling, perlite plasterboard
INTERIOR COATINGS Premium plastic paint
CARPENTRY Interior doors of white lacquered MDF board with satin finish. Stainless steel hardware and handles. Wardrobes with white lacquered MDF doors and interior with textile-lined board with chest of drawers, trunk and hanging bar.
KITCHEN Fully panelled kitchen with doors in white lacquered MDF and board lined interior, quartz countertop and complete Bosch or similar appliances, including carbon filter hood.
EXTERIOR CARPENTRY Exterior carpentry, large windows with high performance thermal and acoustic insulation, sealed with low-emission double glazing using an inert gas.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION Electrical installation with high degree of electrification. Wall-mounted video intercom in hallway or kitchen, top quality mechanisms Jung LS990 white or similar, complete installation for TV with data network.
AIR-CONDITIONING INSTALLATION Air conditioning heat pump installation with underfloor heating and fancoil with individual thermostats in bedrooms and living room
SANITATION AND PLUMBING Drainage network with soundproofed pipes Network of plumbing pipes with cross-linked polyethylene or similar. Hot drinking water generation system with heat pump and accumulator tank
VENTILATION Ventilation system throughout the house guaranteeing continuous renewal of filtered air by means of a double-flow mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. Air renewal and permanent filtering
SANITARY INSTALLATIONS AND FAUCETS Porcelain bathroom furniture of the Duravit brand.  Suspended toilet with built-in cistern. Work shower with gutter and ceramic finish.  HansGrohe faucets, in wall-mounted showers. 
SWIMMING-POOL Individual infinity pool. Swimming and beach areas. Build at the same height as the lounge terrace. Purification system with saline chlorination. LED lighting.
URBANIZATION AND GARDEN Vehicle access through a motorised gate, housing with two surface parking spaces with pre-installed electric vehicle charging points. Garden area with native plants and gravelled or decorative cork areas. Irrigation tap.
Important note: The present report is an informative commercial document and as such reflects the general characteristics of the dwelling by way of orientation, and without a technical bias, without prejudice to its greater specificity. The components indicated herein may be subject to alteration, substitution or modification provided this is due to legal, administrative, technical, functional or design requirements, or, where appropriate, supply difficulties, without detriment to quality and performance.

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